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Die · Schattenjäger

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Just in case there are a few out there still reading this little community who aren't already aware: Jane has started a Kickstarter to raise funds for a new game! Go forth and pledge to the cause!

Will your games include Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter?
We would love to do Gabriel Knight in the near future. Because that IP does not belong to us, it's not a given. Having our own studio, and successfully shipping a title, will make obtaining the rights more likely than ever before.

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Happy St. John's Eve, everybody.

I usually revisit GK1 around this time of year, but no CD this year. Anyone going to a bonfire this evening?

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Hello, all.

Does anybody happen to know where it is in GK2 where Gabe basically wakes up in the middle of the night and starts convulsing? Or how I could get it?

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It's barely started (all have on it are graphics and a links page), but check it out anyways: Schattenjager: a shrine to the Gabriel Knight Mysteries.
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A couple of months ago, I visited an art gallery in Munich(!) where I saw the enclosed painting. Contains spoilers for the ending of GK3Collapse )
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Hullo, all

I don't know if anybody watches this anymore, but I figure I'd throw this out there: does anybody have a copy of GK2 they'd be willing to sell? I'd be interested in buying one.


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For those interested, Gray Matter is an adventure game currently designed by Jane Jensen. I am a part of the team behind a fansite for this game, which will follow the news from preproduction to completion. The site designer is longtime GK fan Nico Sels. There is a growing community on the guestroom board, which I'm adminning, and you're invited to join in the fun. ^_^

CORT-X, The Unofficial Gray Matter Website

Gray Matter tells the story of neurobiologist Dr. David Styles. Since the death of his wife in a horrible accident several years earlier, Styles has adopted a reclusive lifestyle, spending his days inside his English country estate, Dread Hill House.

Things take a turn for the interesting when American Samantha Everett, student and part-time street performer, arrives unexpectedly at the estate. Having spend time travelling Europe, performing magic tricks to make ends meet, Everett decides a change of pace is in order, becoming Styles' assistant. As the game's official press release ponders though, "Is the meeting of Sam and Styles really as coincidental as it seems?"

Everett starts her role as Styles' lackey by hunting out six test subjects at Oxford University for the doctor's latest experiment. After an innocent start where subjects are tasked with imaging different forms of physical exercise, inexplicable events start to occur. Following visitations by Styles' dead wife, the quest to uncover the mysteries of Dread Hill House begins.

Dread Hill HouseCollapse )
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I recently got my best friend hooked onto the Gabriel Knight series. After he finished the first game, we started thinking.

The intersections listed are actual New Orleans cross-streets.

We live in New Orleans.

Care to check out the Gabriel Knight Hunt '06?

Check it out at my best friend's journal!
Dial-up warning: Big pictures.

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Comment. Credit "thehush" or "roadtriphome".
Please don't add words, these are not bases.

(gabriel, the devil himself couldn't change you)
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Heavenlight - an unfinished GK fanfic (lost the last two pages, haven't been able to remember how I ended it)

and this is my attempt at Gabriel Knight in the style of Ron Spears.

Done without any reference, and according to the timer, in 20 mins.

click on "view animation" under pic to see drawing process

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